My Background and Why It Matters
Father and Son

Through the birth of my first child, I discovered birth was a richer and vaster experience than I had anticipated. My first birth was hugely challenging, but hugely rewarding. Even though I had planned to go though labor without drugs, I hit a point where I couldn’t go on. However, labor was moving powerfully and swiftly, and by the time the nurse

came in, drugs in hand, I had to push. I narrowly escaped having drugs in my first labor. Having full sensation to push out my baby was profoundly satisfying and so was discovering that my body instinctively knew what to do and had the strength and wisdom to guide me through it. I just needed to get out of my own way enough to follow my body’s lead.

Within three months of my first birth, I started practicing yoga under the guidance of Swami Rama, an accomplished yogi and founder of the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy. He instructed me in breathing (pranayama), hatha yoga, relaxation, meditation, spirituality, and more. His presence and teachings were riveting, and the results were deep and redirecting.

I taught yoga at a branch center of the Himalayan Institute, and attended many of the trainings held at various centers, and in India. I learned from the expert staff of doctors and psychologists who taught at the Himalayan Institute, as well as from teachers in other traditions. I learned about anatomy and physiology, diet and nutrition, homeopathy, biofeedback, wellness, psychology, philosophy, scriptures (sacred writings), meditation, and more. I began to use what I was learning and practicing to work with women and couples, helping them to prepare for labor and birth, and also attending the births.

Eventually, I worked in a birthing center, as well as yoga studios, and doctors’ offices. As a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), I train and certify yoga teachers in prenatal, birthing, and postnatal yoga, and designed a birthing method based on meditation principles, the St. John Birthing Method™. What I taught my clients made a dramatic impact in their births, and it made a dramatic difference for my husband and me in our subsequent two births. It completely altered how I experienced labor, and decreased anxiety and pain. I managed the challenge of waves and felt undisturbed and cradled in love during my second labor. It was a mystical experience. By my third birth, I was totally, consciously immersed in the waves of labor, and I felt pressure, but no pain. It was an experience of grace.

This is why I work with others going through pregnancy and birth. I know, from my own experience, the value of what I teach. I have seen the difference it makes in my clients’ births, in their transitions after birth, and in their relationships. Since I believe the family is the bedrock of society, I offer this work to the men who attend their partners during labor and birth.

55th Annual Meeting of the American College of Nurse-Midwives

Rose will be speaking at ACNM’s Annual Meeting
in Washington DC, June 12 - 16.