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Father and Son

No one other than the mother is more personally and profoundly affected by the baby's birth than you are. As the mother's lover and the baby's father, you are connected to them like no other. Your role-to provide stability and refuge-is unique to you.

Your presence profoundly influences your partner and how she navigates through labor. As a vigilant attendant, you offer your partner tremendous refuge and have the power to alter how labor and birth unfold.

Because the man's role can make such a critical difference, it is

important men have access to the preparatory attention they need to fulfill their role.

Even though a woman prepares for labor-without support-it is not always easy for her to practice what she knows. This is why your preparation and support is so important to her.

Whether you are a seasoned or first-time father-to-be, this book helps you identify and refine the skills that matter most:

You will know why your stability is so important and you will know how to recoup it if you lose it.

You will know how to touch and talk to a laboring woman.

You will learn tested strategies that work in the heat of labor.

And you will acquire the insight and skills to be a companion who makes a genuine difference in labor and birth.

As as E-RYT 500, (an experienced yoga teacher registered through Yoga Alliance) as well as an RPYT and RCYT (a registered prenatal and children’s yoga teacher) I am excited to share with you what I have practiced for twenty-five years. I know this book will alter how you perceive and respond to your partner’s labor. After reading it, you will have a clear understanding of a man’s role during labor and birth as well as how to support your partner during the critical weeks following birth.

“In short, [Fathers at Birth: Your Role in Bringing Your Child into the World] is some of the best guidance I've seen for professional doulas, let alone fathers. I highly recommend this book.”

   —Melissa Chianta
      Managing Editor, Mothering Magazine, September - October 2009

“For my money, [this] is the best doula book ever written.”

   —Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCE
      Founder, Waterbirth International

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